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Today all business need a web page. Weather you're a multi-million dollar company or just starting out of your home you must have an internet presence. Like business cards and advertising, it's a necessity. But where do you start? Ask a friend who knows a little html or go to a large web design firm?

Your friend although well meaning may take a long time to design a page that may looks sort of professional. But the large web design company has a package costing thousands of dollars for a full graphic design layout when all you really need are a few pages. What you need is something in-between the two and that's were we come in. You can get a professional looking web page without having to pay for a full graphic design.

Computer technical support can be, well lets just say it, very frustrating. Is it hardware problem? Is it software problem? Is it because my toddler spilt milk on my keyboard? How do I tell? Did I search the FAQ's? Wasn't that why I called you in the first place? All I want to do is to run my business, not spend hours trying to trace down what's wrong with my computer. What I want is support where I can get my issue resolved and not be made to feel like I should have been able to figure it out my self. You can have affordable on-site or on-line technical support and you don't even have to leave your home to get it.

Who are we?

We're 2 brothers from Brampton, Ontario that by day work as tech support people and by night we are web designers and tech support people looking forward to working with your home based or small business.

A and G Webtech
Brampton, Ontario
(416) 993-7925

A Simple Web Page

  • Domain name registration
  • Web page with 10 pages
  • Customer supplied artwork for logo
  • Small blog site
  • 1 year site maintenance

Technical Support / Computer repair


Competitive hourly rate for your Windows PC Hardware and software issues


Office Suite Help

  • Let us be your office Suite gurus
  • Document / spreadsheet and database creation services in Word, Excel and Access
  • Excel and Access VBA macro programming