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Office Suite Help

Are you still running your business on paper? or using an outdated a spreadsheet or document that just doesn't seem to allow you to enter or visualize your data as easily as possible? We can help you with that. For the competitive price of $35.00 / HR + hst we can be your office gurus.

We have over 10 years experience working with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and Access)including both macro creation and programming. Are you using a freeware office suite like Open office? No problem we can use that as well.

We offer the following services:
Document creation
  • In Word or similar freeware office program
  • Mail merge template (Create 1 template document and use a list to make copies for each recipient)
  • Fillable forms on either the computer or on paper
Database / Spreadsheet creation
  • In Excel or Access or similar freeware office program
  • Enhance an existing spreadsheet / database or create a new one biased on your needs
  • Can be created with or without macro programming depending on your needs
Document evaluation
  • Looking at your existing documents to see if there is a more efficient way to both enter and visualize your information
Macro Programming
  • Most commonly used in Excel and Access but can also be used in Word if necessary.
  • Create custom programs / functions in Visual Basic for Applications to assist in either data entry or visualization

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A Simple Web Page

  • Domain name registration
  • Web page with 10 pages
  • Customer supplied artwork for logo
  • Small blog site
  • 1 year site maintenance

Technical Support / Computer repair


Competitive hourly rate for your Windows PC Hardware and software issues


Office Suite Help

  • Let us be your office Suite gurus
  • Document / spreadsheet and database creation services in Word, Excel and Access
  • Excel and Access VBA macro programming