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About us:

We're 2 brothers from Brampton, Ontario that by day work as tech support people and by night we are web designers and tech support people looking forward to working with your home based or small business.

About Andrew Crowe:

I'm a graduate of the Toronto School of Business in Computer Technology. I'm a specialist in computer networking, network aware storage and PC support.

About Glenn Crowe:

I'm a graduate of the Humber College Energy Management (HVAC) Technology program. What's that got to do with web design? Well I've been using computers since I got my first Commodore 64. When the internet came into being I was eager to learn all about it and got my first dial up account. Of course I've got high speed internet now.

When it comes to computers I'm completely self taught. From buying every book about the Commodore 64 I could get my hands on to learning what I need to know off the internet. Over the last few years I've taught my self web design and have applied it to my Career as well as designing web pages for family, friends and volunteer organizations.



A and G Webtech
Brampton, Ontario
(416) 993-7925

A Simple Web Page

  • Domain name registration
  • Web page with 10 pages
  • Customer supplied artwork for logo
  • Small blog site
  • 1 year site maintenance

Technical Support / Computer repair


Competitive hourly rate for your Windows PC Hardware and software issues


Office Suite Help

  • Let us be your office Suite gurus
  • Document / spreadsheet and database creation services in Word, Excel and Access
  • Excel and Access VBA macro programming